As we read in Genesis, after the Universal Flood, Noah already planted the first vines for winemaking. Something more recent, just two thousand years ago, precisely in our area, the Roman Beturia, Columelo wrote "De Arboribus", where he already detailed the cultivation of the vine and the production of wine. This tradition and millennial character is what Bodega Agro Ribera Nature tries to put modestly on its fair value, and we want to share with all of you.


The farm that gives rise to our wines, is located on a very special and capricious strip of land, where the difference with the neighboring lands, just a few tens of meters apart, is very remarkable and particularly characterizes its fruits.


At first glance, an abundance of schists stands out, with a profusion of laminar minerals. These physical characteristics, its geological origin, composition, structure, and depth, outline the aroma and flavor of its grapes. This combined with the climatic factor, altitude of the farm 450 m, the vicinity of the Sierra Grande de Hornachos (951 m), the grape varieties, the viticultural practices and the careful process of elaboration and enology, confer a unique personality to our wines.


Mediterranean climate with some oceanic influence. Hot and dry summers from the Azores Anticyclone, highly variable springs and autumns, and sometimes cold and dry winters, sometimes rainy by the Atlantic Storms. Average annual rainfall in our area between 400 and 500 l / m2.


Red Grapes: On trellises, with very controlled support irrigation using drippers to maintain the balance of the plant and fruit. Planting frame 2.7 m x 1.35 m.

First harvest: 2019
Careful selection, training and pruning in green. We sincerely pursue Sustainability and Quality, quantity does not move us.

Harvest: Manual at the optimum point of ripening.


Fermentation: Stainless steel tanks with controlled temperature (60%). Oak barrels (30%). Clay pots (10%)
First bottling of red wine: June 2020: 5 to 6 months in French (70%), American (20%) and European (10%) oak barrels

Quintana Farm

We only process grapes from our vineyards. The red grape comes from our Quintana farm. Only 12 hectares distributed in five varieties of red grape. Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnacha, Monastrell and Mazuelo.

Latitude: 38°30'25.17"N Longitude:   6°16'44.72"O

Jara Farm

Our white grape is Cayetana variety settled in a very special soil, with an abundance of limestone and shale material, formation in trellis in rainfed cultivation and the framework of plantation 2.7 mx 2.7 m, Jara farm of 4.2 Ha. Year Plantation: 2019. We expect the first harvest for 2021.

Latitude: 38°29'57.89" N

Longitude: 6°14'23.52" O

Wine Brands


Meaning: five books or scrolls. It makes up the first five books of the Old Testament, and is considered sacred by all the Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

There are five grape varieties that make up our red wines: Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnacha, Monastrell and Mazuelo.

Analogy: Genesis, the land. Exodus, the vine. Leviticus, viticulture. Numbers, enology. Deuteronomy, the wine

Editions: Basic, Cuvée, Terroir, and Premium

Carmen Aguilar

A woman's name for a spectacular wine, with character, nobility, simplicity, depth, wisdom, beauty, passion and delicacy. A tribute to all our mothers.


Would Columelus think when he wrote his work "De Arboribus" that we would talk about him two thousand years later? This wine is a tribute to those who have written about wine and viticulture and have contributed to transmitting this ancient culture.


Abaxial literally means on the opposite side, that which is furthest, outer, or facing out from the axis of an organ. In botany, the abaxial side of the leaf is considered to be the underside. For us Abaxial is an unusual, surprising wine.