Stories of a door

Once upon a time there was a door without pain or glory. At least for the short-sighted or poor in spirit, because in reality she felt important. He let many people pass in and out, he prevented others from passing, he watched over the safety of the goblins that lived inside, he faced the wind that sometimes whipped his outer skin, he protected from the cold that winter sent, from the dry summer heat and kept away the rain that the capricious Extremadura clouds released without noticing who they were wetting.

One fine day, tired of her insignificant appearance and that no one took her into account, she decided to open a profile on Facebook and launch the challenge that she needed to give life to her sleeplessness. This story touched the hearts of a group of apprentice painters, who wandered between canvases and cans of paint following their spiritual leader, an alchemist of light, color and shadows, and after several meetings where the wine cut the fringes, they decided to give life to the door.

Since then, she has looked magnificent and proud, and awaits anyone who wants to visit her.

March 2021
#riberanature #pentateuco #riberadelfresno #differentwine

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